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Beautiful works of art are enjoyed by people from all walks of life around the world.  We currently serve the following groups:

Well! art lovers are passionate about many things, including oil paintings, photographs, sculptures, and wood carvings.  Of all these, oil paintings stand out.  Oil paintings have a prominent place not only in art galleries and museums but also in ordinary households.  Nothing adds color to your drawing/living room like a properly displayed oil painting.  Art lovers have an appreciation for art and fall in love with a particular painting by a particular artist.  They know where to hang the oil painting and its size.  Art lovers include teachers, lawyers, office workers, doctors, dentists, housewives, and more.  They buy a particular oil painting to decorate their home or office, or to give as gift.  For family members, they often order portraits in memory of or in honor of their loved ones. (Order a portrait)

Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which color schemes, paint, wallpaper, carpet and flooring, furniture, curtains, light-fixtures, etc. are coordinated to achieve a well-balance, beautiful environment.  If you are an Interior Designer, we can take your creative idea and turn it into a real oil painting.  We can also turn your clients` photographs into hand painted works of art.  We can paint your client’s face on the “Mona Lisa” or turn a photo into an impressionist style painting.  We have a wide selection of art and frames, so it is easy to find what is most suited to your clients' style and taste.

They are usually galleries, framers, and furniture stores.  We offer original oil paintings from contemporary artists, as well as reproductions of old masterpieces.  We have hundreds of oil paintings in stock, available for immediate delivery.  We provide exceptional support when you are in need of a stable supplier because we offer a fair price, fast delivery, and superb quality.