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FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions
Below are questions that we are frequently asked about everything from our art and our company, to our return guarantees and our shipping prices - which are included in the cost of the painting by the way. If you don't find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us.
About us&art
  • Q: Where are you based?
    A: The headquater of ART-KINGDOM is in TEXAS,USA and we have offices in Canada,UK and Asia.
  • Q: Are you a studio or just an agent?
    A: We are an art studio. We work alongside the artists who do all the paintings for our clients' orders. The paintings are made in our own studio.
  • Q: What is the best way to contact you?
    A: E-mail is the first choice, but we can also be contacted by phone, fax, and letter. Contact NOW.
  • Q: Who are your artists?
    A: All of our artists have at least 20 years of experience and most of them have advanced degrees from fine arts colleges. They majored in a particular style or subject such as classicism or impressionism. We employ only professional artists who are experienced and talented enough to provide the high quality paintings that we provide for our customers.
  • Q: Are your paintings reproductions or originals?
    A: As you know, each famous old masterpiece has only 1 original – which is usually hanging in a Museum. Our mission is to help you own a reproduction of such masterpieces that is 99% the same as the original. We also supply original art by our own contemporary artists.
  • Q: What about your pricing?
    A: We provide the highest quality paintings at the lowest possible price. Our paintings come directly from our own studio, so there is no middleman. That is why we are able to sell such detailed work at such a low price.
  • Q: Must I register to order a painting?
    A: No, you can order from us without being registered, but if you have an account you can check your order details, track the order status, set up "MY GALLERY" of your own pictures, and much more.
  • Q: Do you sell oil paintings or prints?
    A: We sell only hand painted oil paintings – not prints, not paint on prints, not giclee, or any other printing and transfer processes. Each brushstroke and texture is painted by a real artist on a blank canvas. Everything is real, down to the scent of the wet oil.
  • Q: What is the process and quality of your reproductions?
    A: Our reproductions are completely hand painted by our professional and talented artists in the traditional way – sketch, base color, subject, lighting and shading. Each painting is reproduced very carefully to match every element of the original. The artists are the best, and the canvas and paints are the best available. You will receive MUSEUM QUALITY paintings.
  • Q: How close are the reproductions to the originals?
    A: You won’t easily be able to tell the difference! They are almost exact copies of the originals; however, there will, of course, be slight variances in the reproductions.
  • Q: What about copyrights?
    A: All the pictures on our site are either in the public domain (no longer protected by copyright) or are being sold under license – so you need not worry about infringing on copyrights.
  • Q: Can you paint from my digital photographs?
    A: Of course. We can turn any digital photograph into a real oil painting done by hand, whether it is photo of a person or a villa. For details, please check out our custom order page.
  • Q: Can you create a COLOR painting from an old (aged) black/white photo?
    A: Sure! If you have an old and damaged photograph, we can turn it into a beautiful color painting. Details can be added as color and we can even repair parts of the photograph that are damaged. However, if the photo is too damaged, it may help to provide other images to help with details and color.
  • Q: Can you ship paintings framed or stretched?
    A: Yes, we can ship framed art, but only in the following sizes: 16" x 20", 20" x 24", 24" x 36". If the size is larger than this, there is a high risk of damage during transit.
  • Q: Do your artists sign the paintings?
    A: Yes, our artists sign all paintings unless you request that they not sign.
  • Q: What is the biggest size painting you can do?
    A: Although the largest standard size on our order form is 48 by 72 inches, we often paint in sizes much larger than that. We can do any size.
  • Q: What kind of guarantee do you offer?
    A: We are so confident of our painting and service that if the painting is found to be unsatisfactory upon receipt, you can return the painting for corrections or a refund. You just need to put the painting in a strong mailing tube and our shipping agent will come and pick up the package. You need not pay the return shipping cost. Our refund policy is valid for 30 Days from the merchandise arrival date. If you return the painting for a refund, you will be refunded your original payment, less 10%. This covers our Free Shipping Worldwide policy, as well as handling and restocking fees.
  • Q: How can I join your affiliate program?
    A: We offer and pay affiliates 20% commission on all sales generated from an affiliate's web site. We have been in business since 2005 and have been growing ever since. To generate the commission, just place our ads on your website. You will receive a commission payment every month for sales generated from your site. This is a great opportunity to capitalize on one of the fastest growing categories on the web. Visit our Affiliates Program section to get started.
  • Q: Do you offer any discount?
    A: Yes, and the discount depends on the order amount. Please use our coupons to receive up to 30% off on the total order. We also provide wholesale pricing and services. For more information, please contact us if you buy in large quantities.
  • Q: How to care a painting?
    A: 1) Avoid Excessive Light or Darkness. Very high light levels can cause the darkening or fading of an oil painting. 2) Avoid High Temperatures and Humidity. Extreme changes in humidity and temperature can make the canvas and wood stretchers supporting the painting expand or contract. 3) Handle Your Oil Paintings Carefully. When transporting an oil painting, hold the painting on both sides. Avoid grasping a painting by the top of the frame, and don't hold it by the hanging wire. 4) Clean Your Oil Paintings Carefully. You can keep your paintings clean by lightly wiping the surface with a soft, clean micro-fiber cloth or an anti-static cloth such as that used to clean photographic negatives. Note: Serious cleaning and varnishing of paintings should be handled by a trained conservator.
About Ordering
  • Q: What is the ordering process?
    A: It is very simple. Just add the art to the shopping cart, input the shipping and billing information, submit the order, and make the payment by credit card or PayPal. For details, please click "HOW TO ORDER"
  • Q: How to search for a painting?
    A: You can search by artist name, painting title, and museum name. If you do not find the art you are searching for in our catalogue, please use "Request a quote" or E-mail us directly with your special request.
  • Q: Can I see process photos of my order?
    A: Yes, we will send you a "process photo" when the painting is half painted, so you will know the status of the order and how the painting is coming along.
  • Q: Do you send a photo for approval before shipping?
    A: Yes, when the painting is finished we send you a "finished photo." We don`t ship paintings without customers' prior approval.
  • Q: What if I do not like the photo you send of the painting?
    A: Very simple! We will immediately make modifications to the painting as directed and at no extra cost. After that, we will send you a new photo for approval. We will not ship a painting without a customers' approval. Remember our money back guarantee? It would cost us terribly if customers received paintings they didn’t like.
  • Q: Is there any bonus if I refer my friends to you?
    A: Yes, if your friend is referred to us by you and places an order with us, you will receive a US$20 gift certificate. Please tell your friend to write "referred by ___" in the "Comments" when placing the order. And if you are happy with our paintings and would like to send us a VIDEO testimonial, you will receive a US$30 gift certificate!
About Payment
  • Q: How can I pay for my painting?
    A: We accept most credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diner's Club International. Orders can be made online through our secure web site or over the phone. We also accept PayPal, Wire Transfers (for larger customers), and occasionally checks in certain situations.
  • Q: When do I pay for my painting?
    A: You will need to pay in full when you place the order with us because we are going to make a painting specifically for you. For example, a portrait from your photo is only appealing to you. If you cancel the order while we are working on the painting, we have to bear the costs and put it into our stock.
  • Q: Is it safe to purchase via your web site?
    A: Absolutely! First, our website is designed and constructed by a professional IT company and hosted by a famous web hosting company in LA. Furthermore, the security of orders placed with us is our highest priority. CCNOW.COM is our vendor that processes your credit card payment and that is the name that will appear on your credit card bill. CCNOW.COM processes hundreds of millions of dollars each year and is recognized by banks and credit card companies as being safe, secure, and reliable.
  • Q: Do I have to pay sales tax?
    A: No. We pay the sales tax for you. Every order is TAX FREE.
  • Q: Will I need to pay any import taxes?
    A: Our international shipping is free. And in most cases we ship the painting as a "Gift oil painting" valued at around US$50, so 99% of our customers won’t need to pay any import taxes – but there are exceptions. If the destination country imposes import duties, then it is the customers' responsibility to pay for those.
About Shipping and Returns
  • Q: How can I track the shipping status of my order?
    A: When the painting is shipped, we will send you the tracking number and the courier’s website address where you can track the status of your shipment.
  • Q: What is the delivery time?
    A: If the painting you ordered is in Stock we will ship it immediately, usually within 1-2 business days. If the painting is not in Stock, our standard processing time is approximately 21 - 28 business days. Some paintings – larger or more complex pieces, for example, or those with very thick texture – might take longer to complete. Please let us know if you have a deadline to meet.
  • Q: Do you ship internationally?
    A: Yes, we ship free to all the countries in the world, even if you live in Africa or Iraq. It usually takes just 4-5 business days in transit.
  • Q: How do you ship the painting?
    A: We ship via reputable express couriers such DHL, TNT, UPS, and FEDEX. We will use the most suitable courier for your destination country.
  • Q: How do you pack the painting?
    A: For canvas paintings, we ship them in a sturdy protective postal tube. For framed art, we pack them in an elegant gift box. For details about our packing, please visit HOW WE PACK.
  • Q: What is the shipping rate?
    A: All orders receive FREE SHIPPING worldwide via DHL, TNT, UPS, or FedEx. There is no additional charge for shipping your order. We cover shipping charges, as well as packaging and handling fees. All orders must have a physical address for delivery, so we cannot ship to P.O. Box or APO addresses.
  • Q: What happens if the painting is damaged?
    A: If a package is delivered damaged, the first thing we need you to do is write a note on the receipt (when you sign for the package at your door) saying that the package arrived damaged. That way, the courier can process the complaint. Second, take a photo of the damaged painting with the shipping reference clearly showing and E-mail the photo to us. If the painting is damaged and can’t be used, we will immediately dispatch a replacement or paint a new one for you if it is not one we have in stock.
  • Q: What if I don`t like the painting?
    A: As per our guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the painting, we will refund your money (less 10% to cover shipping and handling). If you are unhappy with the painting when you receive it, please contact us and tell us that you wish to return the painting and we will then give you the shipping address to use. You can mail the package to us by regular or registered mail. Please indicate that it is a "used oil painting" valued at US$10. As soon as we receive it, we will process the refund.