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Handmade reproduction oil paintings and original art!

We are a REAL art studio, specializing in genuinely hand-painted, museum quality, oil painting reproductions and original art since 2005.  Our museum quality reproductions are created by experienced, professional artists who paint in the same traditional way as the Old Masters did (check out how we paint).  We also offer original art by talented contemporary artists.  Our warehouse is constantly stocked with hundreds of best-selling paintings for customers who need paintings right away. As the owner of the company and an artist myself, I understand the needs and desires of our clients.  Over the years, we have gained tens of thousands of satisfied customers because we try our best to abide by our business motto: "Best, Fast, and Honest" (Best quality, Fast delivery, and Honest practices)!  We do everything in our power to make your shopping adventure with us a positive experience.  We aim to please and are unwilling to leave any customers feeling dissatisfied with our products or service.

Our mission is to provide genuine oil paintings that are hand-painted by talented, professional artists at a REASONABLE PRICE, with the best service possible: BEST QUALITY, FAST DELIVERY, HONEST PRACTICES; we aim to be the supply source for individual art lovers, interior designers, furniture stores, and gallery owners everywhere.  We are here to help clients own a masterpiece!

Our studio is located on a beautiful island with a long history of oil painting and music. There is a famous art institute on the island.  Our studio's proximity to this art institute gives us access to the best talent possible.  Our large studio is over 20,000 square feet in size, giving our artists ample room to paint and dry their masterpieces.  Over the years, we have employed more than 100 artists and all our artists have at least 15 years of painting experience.  All of our artists have graduated from fine arts colleges and are thoroughly acquainted with traditional oil painting techniques used to create great works of art.  The majority of our artists work full-time in our studio, though a few specialize in work with unusual styles!  Artists work in teams according to the style they specialize in, e.g., abstract, impressionist, classical, etc.  Each team has a team leader (usually the most senior, most experienced artist) who makes sure each piece produced by the team is of the highest quality possible.  Of course, we also have a full-time Quality Control Specialist to make sure we send out only the highest quality work to our customers!

About the painting:

There are many kinds of canvas on the market, but we use only three types that have given our customers the best satisfaction over the lifetime of the paintings.  The first type, which we use most often, is linen canvas.  Linen canvas is made of more expensive material and is more durable.  It also holds colors and shadings on the painting for many years.  We also use synthetic canvases which are excellent for finer works, like realistic portraits or architectural paintings.  The third type of canvas we use is “cracked” canvas.  This is usually requested for renaissance style paintings because it gives a more aged/antiqued effect.


Oil paint comes in many different brands.  We use Holbein DUO Oil, Van Gogh H2O, and Winsor-Newton Artisan.  Oil paints also come in different grades, but we use only professional or artist grade paint.  We use professional grade paint because it contains a higher grade of pigment and is chemically stable.  The color lasts forever, it is environmentally friendly, and is nontoxic.


Paint brushes are made from stiff or soft hairs, from either natural hair or synthetic fiber.  In our studios, you will see countless brushes in different sizes and shapes - round, flat, bright, fan and filbert.  Our artists choose the most suitable brushes for the style of the painting.  A Van Gogh painting naturally requires very thick texture and therefore a flat brush with thicker bristles is required.  A Michelangelo painting, on the other hand, would require using a very fine round brush and a fan blender that leaves no mark at all.