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Oil painting from custom digital photograph
An oil painting of a portrait of your best friend is a perfect gift when he/she buys a new home, opens a new business office, or gets married.  An oil painting from a photo is also a wonderful way to commemorate a loved one, a birthday, an anniversary, or any new achievement.  We are here to share the happiness with you and to create those special surprises for your loved ones.  We can turn your precious photographs into unique, hand painted oil paintings.  We can paint not only exact photo-looking paintings, but can also paint the photo to follow a particular style – such as the impressionist style of Monet.  We can also paint your face on the famous "Mona Lisa" and can do much, much more.

General price list for portrait oil painting from photograph
The sheet below displays pricing for custom order. It is provided for reference. The final price depends on the complexity of the picture. Please CLICK HERE   to submit the photo you would like to be painted.You will receive a final quotation very fast.

size(inch) 1 Figure 2 Figures 3 Figures 4 Figures 5 Figures
12x16 $120 $150 N/A N/A N/A
16x20 $150 $180 $210 N/A N/A
20x24 $175 $210 $245 $280 N/A
24x36 $275 $315 $355 $395 $435
30x40 $315 $355 $395 $435 $475
36x48 $350 $390 $430 $470 $510
48x72 $620 $670 $720 $770 $850
Sample Oil paintings from photographs
Many times, we would like to have a painting of one person for a particular occasion – for example, your child’s 6th birthday, or when your son joins the army.  We may particularly admire someone and would like to have his/her portrait hung in the office or living room to be reminded of them.  In that case, please E-mail us a photograph and commission a single portrait from us.
If you have a big family, you will naturally be very proud of them.  When you grow old and browse through your family photos you appreciate the meaningful life you have led, and the family photos bring back special memories.  We can turn any of your family photos into a hand painted masterpiece that can hang on your wall for decades and be passed from generation to generation.
Weddings are one of the most important events in life!  Young couples take beautiful wedding photos when they get married.  They wear the most elegant wedding dress and fancy make-up to be as beauty and handsome as possible.  But after that, they stuff the wedding album away in a closet.  It really is a shame.  Why let your memories fade as your photographs become dusty?  Instead, you can turn your most precious day into a stunning oil painting.
Our master artists can also create fine art portraits of your dog, cat, rabbit, or other pet in exact likeness . These true to life paintings will last many years to help you memory the most impressive occassion of your pets. We can paint your pets in a favorite background, or combine several of your pets into one painting. We can do much more and more. Just take a photo and email it to us.
Several years ago, one of my customers E-mailed and told me that his family had to move to a new location and said the house built by his grandparents decades ago would have to be sold.  He asked me if it would be possible to paint a "portrait" of his old family home, so that he could hang it in his new house.  I answered, "No problem at all; it would be our honor to do that for you."
Many times, it is not just a matter of taking a photograph and giving it to the painter.  Many customers say, "Sorry, I don`t like the background.  Can you use the background from the Mona Lisa?” or "I like the Diego and I painting by Frida Kahlo, but I would like the faces swapped and painted with Alex and Andreja’s faces, instead!"  No, problem! Be creative, and we will paint to order!
Yes, we can paint your photograph in Andy Warhol style.  Unbelievable?  Andy Warhol is a genius, but our artists are also talented.  In the following pictures you can see some of the works we have created in this style.