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Andres Cortes Aguilar
Andrés Cortés and Aguilar (Sevilla, December 24, 1812 - Seville, May 16, 1879) was a Spanish painter. He belonged to a family of artists that began with his uncle Joaquín Cortés (1776-1835) and his brother belonged also Cortés and Antonio Aguilar began the French branch and the children of this André, Jeanne Marie and Edouard Cortes. Andres Aguilar Cortés and artistically formed at the Royal School of the Three Noble Arts of Seville. His works mainly represent views of the cities of Seville and Granada, popular types and genre, but also painted landscapes, portraits and still lifes. One of his best known paintings is achieved and Seville Fair that was held in 1856 and shows the appearance of early April Fair when I was only a cattle fair. There are 3 versions of this work are the property of the City of Sevilla respectively, the Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao and Sons S. Ybarra A. Others came out of his brush paintings can be seen in the Museo Romantico Madrid, Seville Bellver Collection and Museo Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza (Málaga).
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